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Helping others connect with their inner light and identify their path to an Authentic Life has been my calling in life for as long as I can remember.

My sister recently remarked to me that as a child I was always the one "bringing home the strays." She made this comment when we were talking about my desire to make a difference in the world.

My sister recently remarked to me that as a child I was always the one "bringing home the strays." She made this comment when we were talking about my desire to make a difference in the world. Among other things, we talked about my dedication to my children, my teaching career and my years as a foster parent. This last topic served as a segue to my biggest area of concern which has been my need to always see the best in people - perhaps in people who didn't deserve it or who appeared on the surface to have few redeeming qualities. We talked about how hard it was to "fit in" when you feel like your opinions and ideas don't always mesh with the majority of people you meet.

To say the least, her comment wasn't exactly the response I expected ...

Authentic Living My Book

My Book

Defining Moments - A Story About Authenticity

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Give Birth To The Person You Truly Wish To Become
Three women find their lives connected by a single unexpected incident. Before they realize it, they are each faced with a decision that will result in their own personal defining moment.

Defining Moments is a story to which people everywhere will undoubtedly relate. It begins with the main character, Heather McClellan, waking up in the hospital after a failed suicide attempt. She is informed by her doctor that the baby she is carrying has also survived the attempt. She is both relieved and upset by the news.

You see, the decision of how to handle the unplanned pregnancy is what drove Heather - herself the product of an unplanned pregnancy -to such an extreme action.

While Heather sorts through the moral ramifications of being pregnant with a baby she does not want, yet can't seem to abort, her mother and the doctor who saved her live take adversarial roles when Heather's secret is revealed.

Defining Moments is a story of giving birth to oneself and becoming the person you were truly meant to be. It is a story without moral judgement. Rather, it's about being you own judge, making choices and living a life that is true to your calling.

Individual Reading

Individual Private


This 30-minute reading combines numerology and tarot to paint a vivid portrait of your current Life Path, karma and talents. This information complements the tarot reading that accompanies it.
Together you get clarification on current and past issues in your life. Readings are available by phone, skype or in person.
If you would like to book a reading, please click on the button below. Once you have completed the pay pal form, please contact me to set up a mutually convenient time. Most readings can be scheduled within one week.

Tarot and Numerology Readings
Small Party Events

Small Party


Have a small psychic party at your house with 4-to-8 of your good friends. These are great for Friday-night gatherings, bachelorette parties, small birthday parties and other celebrations at your designated party location.

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Large Party Events

Large Party


Imagine the fun of having a tarot reader at your large party or gathering providing 5-10 minute mini-readings for your guests.
Ideal for Halloween Parties, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Corporate Events and other large gatherings. This entertainment is always a popular attraction, and will leave your guests talking about your event for a long time to come.



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Numerology is a metaphysical science based on the study of numbers

It is believed the review of one’s numbers can provide a deeper insight into a person’s personality and their purpose here on earth during this incarnation.

Numerology can also be used to explain karmic patterns experienced in this life which are actually the result of decisions made by the individual in past lives. Numerology is also used to predict future events and experiences.

In this numerology profile, you will receive an individualized written report analyzing your five core numbers. Taken together these numbers create a portrait of the person you are while explaining your purpose here on earth and the lessons you can expect to learn.

The profiles make great gifts for birthday, christenings, anniversaries, holidays and more.

Please allow two weeks for delivery as each profile is personally crafted for the recipient.

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